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Professional Money Management

It takes time and expertise to build wealth. You know this firsthand – whether you have started your own company, managed a successful career, or controlled family assets - you are a serious investor. You now want to grow and preserve these assets wisely. But you may be finding that managing your wealth requires more time than you have to spare.

A solution may be to hire a Professional Money Management team. This decision may alleviate concerns about handling complex financial matters in today’s rapidly changing investment environment. The foundation for the available Professional Money Management programs is the Modern Portfolio Theory- a revolutionary view of the market that illustrates how investment risk may be reduced by spreading investments in specific proportions among different categories.** This strategic asset allocation approach to investment management is designed to help clients invest while helping to minimize the potential risk associated with routine market fluctuations. The developers of Modern Portfolio Theory, Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 1990 for their contributions.

View the H. D. Vest Advisory Services video to learn more about Professional Money Management, the Modern Portfolio Theory, and how a disciplined strategic Asset Allocation investment approach can minimize portfolio volatility and help pursue long term financial goals and objectives.

Brent Larsen, CFP®, EA is a licensed advisory representative of H. D. Vest Advisory ServicesSM